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The Year of a Mindful Career: Appreciation

About 34 minutes ago from Kim Monaghan, PCC's Twitter via Hootsuite


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The Year of a Mindful Career: Appreciation

How can I expect more from the universe when I don’t appreciate what I already have? New opportunities arise from gratitude. Appreciation promotes an open heart. An open heart cultivates an open mind. The cycle continues but it only begins with appreciation. And being... read more

Someday, I’ll be Career Happy. Why Not Today?

“The road to someday leads to a town of nowhere.” What are you waiting for? If you want to be career happy, why would you not start today? What excuses (yes, excuses) are holding you back—money, time, fear? When you look back at your career and life, I imagine you... read more

The Year of a Mindful Career: Making Choices

Do you have decision fatigue? The more choices you’re forced to make decreases the quality of your decisions. Have you experienced this? Choice is powerful and we all have the power of choice. Simplify. Focus. Decide. Do. Smile. We all have the power of choice; it’s... read more

The Year of a Mindful Career: Say It Like It Is

“What am I waiting for?” If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a million times. Heck, I say it everyday. What am I waiting for? If I’m too timid to speak my mind then I’m doing both myself, and others, a huge disservice. If there is something that needs to be said, a... read more

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