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5 Daily Career Do’s – Second Step

Last month we explored the first—Take 15—in the series of 5 Daily Career Do’s. These are the first “must do” daily activities that will help us grow and advance our careers. If you recall, these “Daily-do’s” lay the foundation for any career transition or leadership... read more

Academy Career Awards

You’re probably wondering “What the heck is Kim talking about now?” Well, I think it’s time to put our careers into high flying fun mode. Let me explain. I believe the most important thing we can do for our careers is to celebrate and uplift others. Why? First, it’s... read more

7 Ways a “Killer” Resume Attracts Attention

When employers post openings they typically get slammed with resumes from qualified and non-qualified candidates. Unfortunately, having the right skill set isn’t enough to land you an interview. With the growing amount of competition for each job posting, even the... read more

Career Coach Tips: How to Handle a Copycat

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? That your efforts are being copied by the competition? Maybe you feel disconcerted by a colleague that’s taking all the credit for your hard work. Or annoyed that your style, approach, or words are being emulated by... read more

The Best Time To Look for a Job

Many people feel that a job search is a full time job in itself. With busy work schedules, personal obligations and spending quality time with family and friends, there’s little time left to look for a new career. If you’re eager to transition into something... read more

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