Career Coaching

Develop and activate a plan to take control of you career and reach your most important professional objectives.

Career Portfolio

Develop a personally-branded portfolio that positions you for opportunities today and tomorrow.

Executive Coaching

Build on strengths and accelerate results that maximize your full leadership potential.

Conflict Management

Resolve and prevent conflict through facilitated discussion, clarity of communication and cultivating critical workplace engagement.

Talent Development

Enhance your team’s productivity, leadership effectiveness and prepare high-potentials for succession.

Training & Team Building

Optimize workplace performance engagement and productivity through customized team building training and career development programs.

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What is Career Happiness?

Anything and everything that makes you happy and engaged while at work is what is known as Career Happiness. This might involve landing your dream job, reworking and renegotiation your current role, or getting a promotion. But it also extends to working well with your... read more

My New Job is a Mistake!

Before our career journey ends, we’ll all have made a mistake or two. This may include starting a new role only to find out it wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be. Unfortunately, disappointments are a part of life; but it’s what you learn from them,... read more

Career Coaching Helps You Take Bold Steps!

We all have the ability within us to do and be whatever we want. What sounds trite is truer than we realize. From great artists to business moguls, all success stories have started with an exciting vision and a bold move—something that’s “affordable”... read more

Coaching for Conflict Resolution

No matter where you work there’s bound to be occasional conflict. When it occurs, it can be swiftly resolved when both parties leave out emotions; clearly communicate concerns; respect differences of opinion; and rise to a mutually beneficial resolution. Through... read more

Career Coaching For Workplace Engagement

Did you know that a hiring a career coach can increase organizational productivity and profit? Much of my work week is spent inside organizations coaching team members on how to build career happiness. Though I’m hired to help clients with their career success,... read more

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