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Are You a Mid-Career Professional?

There are a lot of terms going around these days that help us classify our age, occupation and even level of success: millennial, artist, C.E.O., baby boomer, leader, or even “mompreneur”. While these words provide us with affirmations and introductory shortcuts, they... read more

Advancing Your Career

There seems to be a growing pattern of people in dire straits digging deep, harnessing their gusto and leveraging their strengths to successfully reach their goals.  Think Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Tyler Perry, to name a few. What about you? Do you want more? Is... read more

5 Daily Career Do’s – Second Step

Last month we explored the first—Take 15—in the series of 5 Daily Career Do’s. These are the first “must do” daily activities that will help us grow and advance our careers. If you recall, these “Daily-do’s” lay the foundation for any career transition or leadership... read more

Academy Career Awards

You’re probably wondering “What the heck is Kim talking about now?” Well, I think it’s time to put our careers into high flying fun mode. Let me explain. I believe the most important thing we can do for our careers is to celebrate and uplift others. Why? First, it’s... read more

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