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The Year of a Mindful Career: Mood Music

Okay, we all know how great music makes us feel. When we leave work and crank up our favorite tunes, suddenly it’s a mini spring break until we reach our “at home” responsibilities. Why not bring the music with us wherever we go? Certainly we have the technology for...

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Introverts Guide to Landing a Job Interview

It’s hard to believe that many U.S. presidents have been introverts. Imagine making small talk with foreign dignitaries, being hounded by the press, all while spearheading a successful national job campaign when you’d rather focus on quiet, introspective activities....

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A #HealthyCareer is a moniker I’ve been using for over eight years to describe the blending of career and life success. To be more specific, you’re in a #HealthyCareer when you’re happily engaged in your work in a career that provides you with ample opportunities for...

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Thank You: From Your Career Coach

“Thank You.” Two of the most powerful, and possibly underutilized, words in the English language. Still, the energy and possibilities conveyed in these two words not only nurture long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships but provide a bolstering lifeline in times...

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The Year of a Mindful Career: Career Cautions

What just happened? I’m serious. What just happened? Are you so distracted that you have already forgotten what just happened in the last half hour? If you’re like me, this is a common occurrence. It’s also a career caution. It’s a giant yellow light blinking a...

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