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Are You Looking for a Career Test?

Are you bored at work? Are you looking for your dream career? Are you struggling to move up in your current career? Are you frustrated with your work situation? Are you uncertain about your life’s purpose? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be... read more

What’s Your Resume Worth?

When it comes to developing a resume, it’s an investment. Money and time are two investments that are mandatory for any successful resume. There’s no way to get around these investments but there are ways to ensure that your resume is worth the results. Money. Many... read more

Resume or Job Search—Which Comes First?

When you’re considering a career change, your first instinct may be to create a resume. After all, you already have a job, so you know how to find one. Or do you? Are you missing out on awesome opportunities because you’re already jumping into the resume without... read more

Resume Samples for Sales Executives

Many of my clients are sales executives. They’ve hired me because they are either poised to move up the corporate ladder or are ready to land their next big career move. Whether it’s up or out, they’re in transition and want to do everything within their power to... read more

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WHEN: Starting Monday, June 22, you’ll discover a thought provoking question (and tip) each day at 1 p.m. EST on Twitter @KBMCoaching. WHY: A little goes a long way! Follow @KBMCoaching for: Answers to tricky interview questions Tips for negotiating a raise... read more

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