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Building a CV – Curriculum Vitae

I can’t stress enough that when building a CV you need to first determine whether you truly need a CV or an Executive Resume, since these terms can be incorrectly interchanged from time to time. If you are building a CV, then keep in mind that much like a resume, you... read more

Should Everyone in Higher Education Use a CV?

Are CV’s exclusively designed for higher education? Should everyone in higher education use a CV? Do you need to create a CV to replace your resume? The answer to all three is “No.” Let me explain. CV Confusion. A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is designed to share your life’s... read more

Capture Career Success

Everyone wants to be recognized. We feel great when someone acknowledges who we are or the efforts we make. But did you know that these “kudos” improve your odds for career success? It’s true! They enhance your motivation, performance and increase your chances of... read more

Interview Questions Most Employers Will Ask

It seems that whenever you’re preparing for a transition, promotion or raise review, the interview questions that you most likely will be asked seem to fly right out of your head. You might feel the nerves set in and struggle to wrap your head around basic interview... read more

The Three C’s of Interview Questions

You will probably undertake an interview, advancement and career transition in your professional lifetime. Each one will come with a set of interview questions to which you’ll be required to successfully respond. There are many strategies for successfully navigating... read more

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