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The Year of a Mindful Career: Selfless Thoughts

If you’re willing to give to others, you’ll gain so much in return. Many people know this to be true from experience and the understanding of goodwill. But did you know that this also includes our thoughts? There’s a wonderful, and eye-opening, movie called “Ghosts of... read more

The Year of a Mindful Career: Why Worry?

“Thoughts bring to the thinker something of equal consistency,” states Mary Brown, an energy practitioner. “This is why people become what they fear.” When you worry you draw worrisome issues your way. There are so many people who are fraught with worry. We all worry.... read more

The Year of a Mindful Career: Visualization

Those who recently attended my program on productivity heard me relay my experience with visualization. While I truly believe it’s a powerful tool for career, life and health success, we too often limit our visualization because it seems like wasted daydreaming. So... read more

The Year of a Mindful Career: Flow

As a certified yoga practitioner (RYT), I understand the importance of flow. If we don’t invite our bodies (and minds) to flow freely and in new ways, we often become stuck. This limits our potential and energy. What places are stuck within you or need more energy to... read more

I Hate My Job!

If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a million times. Why do we get stuck in jobs we don’t like, or work for organizations that aren’t good fits? Today, I had a conversation with a new client which started with “I hate my job.” My heart aches for this very talented... read more

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