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Can You Afford NOT To Have a Coach?

I have two coaches and my life and business are far better because of it. Hey, I’m not saying that you must have a coach. Maybe you’re on point to reach your goals and feel strongly that you will achieve them. I hope you do. In fact, I’ve built my career on this very...

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Five Ways to Gain Killer Confidence

The number one thing we all struggle with is confidence. Truth be told, it’s not really a struggle with confidence, it’s a struggle with invoking your confidence. It’s already within you. Confidence lies somewhere between self-defeat and arrogance. It’s the happy...

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Forget The Resume!

I promise you, your resume is not holding you back from landing your dream career. Though it may require some tweaking to deliver your brand and value, the resume is not holding you back. Too often, when things aren’t going well at work, we start updating resumes,...

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Let Go, Terminated, Downsized and Fired

The empty office. It was once yours. What happened? Or better yet, what's next? No matter what you call it, the process of being severed from the workplace is never easy to navigate. Still, you can rise from the ashes like a phoenix if you so choose. It all comes down...

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How May I Help You?

“How may I help you?” I never leave a professional interaction without offering this final query. Although this often-unspoken offer has always been extended, I’m chagrin to admit that I haven’t always formalized the request until it was asked of me by a mentor years...

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March Madness – An NBA Career?

Professional basketball players know their scoring odds increase when they focus. In fact, “the most focused players make 90 percent of their free throws; the least focused make less than 50 percent.” With those odds under that pressure, they are setting a stellar...

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