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I want to help you think bigger about what you deserve and what you’re capable of achieving.” – Kim Monaghan, PCC, CPRW, CPBS

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What’s your mission? Every company has one and you should too. It may change, but you need a direction to start in.

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A Summer Job Search

Did you know that summer is a great time to look for a job? That’s right, holidays, summer time, off hours and generally anytime that you think recruiters may be gone, they actually may be looking for candidates like you. In fact, the odds are in your favor if you... read more

Should You Invest in LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium?

I get asked this question all the time by my clients—“Should I invest in Job Seeker Premium?” My answer is if you’re interested in exploring new opportunities to search for positions above and beyond typical passive portals, then Job Seeker Premium on LinkedIn is for... read more

Be Prepared for the Exploratory Interview

When you meet people for the first time, there is an exploratory process that occurs. Is this person someone you could see spending time with? Are they likable? Do you believe they have something to share or that you could learn from? Will they be of value or interest... read more

Making Work, Work

If you feel that you’re in a rut, or perhaps something feels off, dull or wrong in your career, you might be stuck in a career rut. If so, it’s probably time to engage with your career coach to make work, work. When you make work, work again it doesn’t mean that... read more

Retention Strategies that Fail

Don’t Make False Promises. One of the worst things managers can do is to make false promises. This is one of the worst retention strategies that will fail before it even gets legs underneath it. We humans are instinctive and can easily detect when promises are hollow.... read more

Is Your Employee Worth Retaining?

Nothing speaks louder than money. And when you’re struggling with an employee who is costing you dollars in productivity before you start the separation process, you may want to take into consideration the cost of severing them. Simply put, employee retention saves... read more


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