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Are You In The Right Career?

Sometimes life moves quicker than we’d expected and next thing you know, a career is more like a job—something that simply pays the bills. Too often the idea of career change is abandoned because of the fear of change or the perceived risks involved in the change. Yes, those are exponentially diminished in coaching. Still, […]

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Career Advantages to Being a Good Listener

Listening is all about making a conscious effort to be wholly present when someone is talking. This means shutting down technology, avoiding multitasking and dismissing distractions. Research indicates that the average person listens for only 17 seconds before interrupting and interjecting or thinking about what to say next. If you think this isn’t obvious to […]

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How’s Your Career EQ?

I’m certain you’ve heard of Emotional Intelligence. “We are no longer only judged by intellectual abilities and work competencies alone but by personal qualities. IQ takes second position to EQ.” While emotional intelligence is integral in all aspects of our lives, it’s prudent to develop it for our careers. Understanding how to cultivate it is […]

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