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Forget The Resume!

I promise you, your resume is not holding you back from landing your dream career. Though it may require some tweaking to deliver your brand and value, the resume is not holding you back. Too often, when things aren’t going well at work, we start updating resumes, hire a resume writer or call a recruiter—all […]

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The Follow Up for Career Advancement

One thing that probably makes the biggest impact on career advancement is follow up. Follow up can mean many things, but in career language, it’s all about effort—touching base after a meeting, keeping promises, giving thanks to others and extending the offer to help. Touching Base. When the face-to-face meeting ends, communication should continue. An interview, conference, […]

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The Year of a Mindful Career: Job Search Mindfulness

As a way of discovering how successful your job search will be, I challenge you to answer the following questions: Are you resorting to flash over substance in your search? Are you spinning your wheels with little rewards? Are you lacking a little job search mindfulness? What’s happening in your search right now? What are […]

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