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Attitude is Everything

Your mother was right, if you keep a positive outlook, goods things will come your way. Think about it. People like being around optimistic people. We also admire those who have a sense of self-worth and are self-forgiving instead of self-condemning. Positive people are also rewarded for this behavior. They are hired, promoted and sought […]

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I’m too “Woo” to be an Accountant

Assessments are great ways to unearth our interests and help us identify our skills, strengths and career-related orientations, but unfortunately they are often misused. There are typically two reasons for this: Either an assessment is interpreted by an untrained professional who’s not certified in the application; or the recipient depends on the results of the […]

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Angry Birds!

Assuming a popular and polite way to refer to the people in the workplace with a bad, bad attitude, let’s call them Angry Birds! Now that we’ve named them, what do we do about them? Many clients I work with are hoping to relocate solely because they want to flee an Angry Bird. What a […]

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