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Five Ways to Gain Killer Confidence

The number one thing we all struggle with is confidence. Truth be told, it’s not really a struggle with confidence, it’s a struggle with invoking your confidence. It’s already within you. Confidence lies somewhere between self-defeat and arrogance. It’s the happy medium that when found, invites you to walk up to the podium, sail through […]

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How May I Help You?

“How may I help you?” I never leave a professional interaction without offering this final query. Although this often-unspoken offer has always been extended, I’m chagrin to admit that I haven’t always formalized the request until it was asked of me by a mentor years ago. Wow, what an impact that made on me. In […]

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Master Focus

One of the best career skills we can develop is focus. Thankfully, the practice of mindfulness has swooped in and gained popularity and oh, yeah, it’s all about focus! Listen, there’s a reason this stuff is blasted all over the media, because it works. And if you’re focused, you’re productive and you’re getting more for […]

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The Muddied Meaning of Mindfulness

“Might workplace mindfulness—in the cubicle or on the court—be just another way to get employees to work harder for nothing but airy rewards?” This query, proposed by Virginia Heffernan in her article in The New York Times Magazine, really got me thinking. Sure, I’m as guilty as the next person for over using the term […]

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Career Complaint to Career Compliment

The last thing you probably want to do when you’re frustrated with someone is to give them a compliment. However, complimenting someone is a mindful way to move away from a career complaint. There are two caveats with this approach: The compliment must be authentic. Nothing is worse than giving someone a false or hollow […]

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