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Five Ways to Gain Killer Confidence

The number one thing we all struggle with is confidence. Truth be told, it’s not really a struggle with confidence, it’s a struggle with invoking your confidence. It’s already within you. Confidence lies somewhere between self-defeat and arrogance. It’s the happy medium that when found, invites you to walk up to the podium, sail through […]

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Two Ways Exit Interviews Can Foster Employee Retention

Perhaps you’ve experienced an exit interview when leaving a past job. Or maybe you conduct them or are part of them in your current organization. Exit interviews can foster employee retention if they’re managed right and the results are taken under advisement. Here are two ways that exit interviews can foster employee retention.   Transparency. […]

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3 Ways to Get Others to Listen to Your Opinion

Many of my clients struggle with finding their voice. In other words, they speak up but, more often than not, feel their opinions have been dismissed. Having your voice heard is much more than a declaration. If you want to have a voice and have some serious skin in the game, then you need to […]

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Are You Working With a Manipulator?

Oh, good golly. Why do we have to play head games? I’ll tell you why—FEAR! Fear makes us do the craziest things to get back to a comfortable state. For those who’ve heard me speak, you know I address the “fear” fault a lot because we’re human and it holds us back and causes us […]

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Are You Successful AND Lonely?

It can be lonely at the top. Did you know that oftentimes loneliness occurs when you’re not alone? Too often, lonely people are those who are always in a crowd of others. They may be successful, sitting atop the ivory tower, always busily scurrying around, or that social butterfly chatting away at a party. Loneliness […]

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Are You Giving Away Your Career?

Sometimes we make big moves because we feel forced. We may choose to look for a new position, or accept a less desirable role, all to avoid a project, person or circumstance that is taking over our career. This often happens when there is conflict. A poor or difficult supervisor or coworker may make life at […]

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