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How’s Your Career EQ?

I’m certain you’ve heard of Emotional Intelligence. “We are no longer only judged by intellectual abilities and work competencies alone but by personal qualities. IQ takes second position to EQ.” While emotional intelligence is integral in all aspects of our lives, it’s prudent to develop it for our careers. Understanding how to cultivate it is […]

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The Year of a Mindful Career: Build a Better Body (And Career!)

“Yup. She’s out there again.” I can hear you saying it now. Kim’s really stretching her mindful journey to a whole other realm. Galactic exploration aside, let’s talk about fitness. How do you build a better, stronger body and at the same time, advance your career? You guessed it—mindfulness. First of all, mindfulness is good […]

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Two Ways Exit Interviews Can Foster Employee Retention

Perhaps you’ve experienced an exit interview when leaving a past job. Or maybe you conduct them or are part of them in your current organization. Exit interviews can foster employee retention if they’re managed right and the results are taken under advisement. Here are two ways that exit interviews can foster employee retention.   Transparency. […]

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3 Ways to Get Others to Listen to Your Opinion

Many of my clients struggle with finding their voice. In other words, they speak up but, more often than not, feel their opinions have been dismissed. Having your voice heard is much more than a declaration. If you want to have a voice and have some serious skin in the game, then you need to […]

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The Year of a Mindful Career: What’s So Funny?

Laughter is great for your soul, life, relationships and career. We all need to embrace a little laughter and not be so “buttoned up.” I love to laugh and am grateful my clients have an outstanding sense of humor. Who wants to go through a day without a good chuckle or smile? Since laughter is […]

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