To respect the confidentiality of my clients, I only share their titles on this page. I’m grateful for their comments and appreciate their willingness to also be professional references on my behalf. Please visit my LinkedIn page for more personalized recommendations.
I just wanted to thank you for all the coaching you provided me! I've recently received multiple job offers. I want to thank you for helping me out so much and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Your techniques were very successful.
Project Manager
I feel like you were exactly what I needed — although I wish I had found you much sooner! As I have reflected on this process – one quote keeps popping in mind head: “You had the power all along, my dear” Glinda the Good Witch to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. I think I just needed your coaching to help me dig deep and realize that I could do for myself. My path is very clear now and I’m feeling energized to “follow the yellow brick road” and discover what lies ahead — without fear or trepidation. Thank you for being a compassionate “Career Whisperer” and helping me believe in myself again!
Director of Public Relations
Shazam!!! Following our career coaching meeting Monday morning, I went home that evening and reworked my resume. Tuesday evening I applied online for a position and in less than 24 hours they contacted me for a phone interview. Then last evening I was contacted by another group also requesting a phone interview. They are both happening next week. Thank you!!!
Gallery Curator and Exhibits Manager
Thank you again for your coaching and wisdom. Your advice was incredibly helpful and I have now developed actionable steps to move forward with.
Communications Specialist
Kim was our opening keynote speaker in October at this year’s Michigan APA Statewide for Payroll Professionals. Kim engaged our attendees from the first moment she began presenting. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she had the room buzzing. Her presentation on Networking had us up and out of our seats and interacting with each other. The information she provided was relevant and gave us techniques and skills that we could us immediately to expand our professional network. Our attendees gave her 5-star reviews, words they used to describe her were; energetic, funny, enlightening, intelligent, effective and valuable. We look forward to having Kim return and work with our group in the future.
Director of Payroll Services
Kim is an excellent speaker and motivator. She is full of energy and opened our eyes. Learned a lot from her in a short time and her speeches are fun and very creative. If you get a chance please attend her speech. Do not miss the opportunity!
Senior Payroll Specialist
It’s official. I GOT THE JOB! I’m putting in my notice on Monday. Thanks SOOOO much, Kim for your advice and assistance. You are awesome!
Senior Accountant
Kim has helped me stay accountable to my career transition and also made sure that I have all the tools I need to land my next role. I’ve walked away from the first 2 sessions with actions I can implement right away.
Vice President Global Human Resources
Coaching has provided a paradigm shift in the way I think about my career and the way I set myself up for new opportunities. I have never thought about proactive job searching or creating a resume that plays to my strengths rather than just experience. Also, I have never had a lot of confidence and am now beginning to feel confident.
Kim has given me a number of tools and exercises to prepare for job searching as well as continual growth in my career. The big things so far have been new ways of branding myself and being able to begin working on my career path from a position of strength.
Pricing Analyst
Working with Kim has been the best professional decision that I’ve ever made. I have an exponential increase in my confidence and am certain I will succeed in my new role.
Director of Sales & Marketing
I am very grateful to be working with Kim. It is a great way for me to stay on target. I really like her focused and very supportive approach and would highly recommend Kim to others
Kim relieved me of my doubts. She takes time to understand what your objectives are and helps you develop a plan. She is very knowledgeable as to what employers are looking for. The process is very rewarding. Kim’s methods and experience increases my chances of not only getting an interview, but receiving an offer for almost any career of my interest.
Director of Security
I needed help articulating my career goals, assessing my leadership-related skills and traits and identifying professional development opportunities. Kim provided a very comfortable environment to discuss my personal and professional goals. These discussions helped clarify where I am and where I would like to be
Associate Professor
Kim is really able to dive in the heart of the matter and is somewhat fearless in pushing me to evaluate where I stand or what I can do next. I also appreciate having a sounding board to bounce thoughts, ideas and concerns off of at each new career stage.
Healthcare CEO
I started working with Kim about six months ago to sort out where I am in my career, what’s missing and what I might do next? She asked me challenging questions, helped me think through my dreams and hopes, and guided me to see more clearly what I needed to do and where I really want to go. I have a plan, now, and a good one. Kim is a great listener and wonderfully thoughtful and insightful. Each session we had together led me to interesting new insights, and avenues to pursue that I hadn’t known I wanted and needed. I have recommended her to many of my friends and employees on all levels, and everyone comes back energized and says, “Kim is amazing.
University Dean
Kim was a great help. I learned a lot about myself and realized what is important to me in a job/​career. Kim helped me build my confidence and encouraged me to surround myself with positive motivating people. I believe she looks at each person individually and customizes coaching accordingly. I also felt like she was focused on me and had my best interests in mind.
Manager of Global E-Commerce
I appreciate all of Kim’s insights as to managing my career and looking to the future. I truly feel inspired and empowered after talking with her. Kim’s skills are a gift to professionals
Director of Public Relations
I really liked the conference call with a Certified Professional Resume Writer. The finished product is incredibly professional looking.
Associate Director of IT Infrastructure
At some point in our lives we ask ourselves the questions “… what is my purpose in life?”…. or “I really need to make a change in my career!” For myself after thirteen years in my current career field I felt I had lost my passion for my work and did not want to “coast” through life …that’s when I started working with Kim for career guidance. Simply put, Kimberly is a natural as a career coach! Whatever you are looking to explore, Kimberly will help you establish a plan for success. Her dedication, enthusiasm and resources make her a valuable person to have on your journey, whatever it may be.
Graphic Designer

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