Archive | May, 2015

Three Ways You Can Be Career Happy Today

Let’s start the movement to make work an even more amazing place. Everyone deserves a little career happiness. Shake It Up. We all get stuck in a career rut, doing the same thing over and over, but unless we shake it up from time to time, it’s a slippery slope to “unhappydom.” If you have only […]

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Laughter is Good for Your Career

We all know that when we’re happy we’re more productive. And anytime we make positive contributions in our careers, our professional opportunities increase. Science has proven that laughter is good for our health. It increases blood flow, which improves our immune functioning while decreasing blood sugar and stress levels. Bringing laughter and joy into your […]

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5 Daily Career Do’s—Number 4

Disney Princess Elsa got it right! Sometimes you just need to “Let it go!” Whether that be the talent within that’s dying to come out or conflicts and zingers that you simply need to walk away from. Let it Go is your next Daily Career Do. Even if you think you’ve got this strategy down, […]

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