Archive | July, 2016

Interested In a Flexible Work Week?

Ahh, the flexible work arrangement. We want it but not all of us get it. Or so we think. Flexible work arrangements are becoming more commonplace and foster mutual benefits for the employer and employee. According to the Human Resources Council, flexible work arrangements have many benefits: Cuts down on rush-hour commutes; More control over […]

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Want a Shorter Work Week?

If you’re a leader, team member, manager, entrepreneur or business owner, here are some startling summer facts: During the summer, workplace productivity and engagement drops 20%; 53% of workers who get an early start to the weekend reported a dip in productivity; Overall team member attendance drops by 19%; Projects take 13% longer to complete; […]

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Is Adventure Calling?

Is adventure travel just an exciting way to spend a family vacation? It certainly could be but the benefits for corporate teams are truly outstanding! Specially designed team building adventure travel increases workplace productivity and builds stronger teams in amazing ways. Adventure travel helps teams make authentic connections which are lacking in so many corporate […]

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