Archive | February, 2017

Career Complaint to Career Compliment

The last thing you probably want to do when you’re frustrated with someone is to give them a compliment. However, complimenting someone is a mindful way to move away from a career complaint. There are two caveats with this approach: The compliment must be authentic. Nothing is worse than giving someone a false or hollow […]

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Career Confidence

I’m always flattered and honored when a client tells me that I’ve given them the confidence they needed to achieve their goals. While it’s certainly nice to hear, I always remind them that I didn’t do it. No, I can’t give anyone confidence. Nor can you. What we can do is inspire others to dig […]

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The Year of a Mindful Career: 30-Minute Sprints

I’ve been working hard to be more mindful. One of my big intentions is to cultivate the habit of focus. For me this means truly being present in the moment and giving my full attention to the person or task before me. In a world where we are bombarded by distractions, this isn’t easy. Probably […]

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