Planning and Winging It: An Awesome Combination

There’s nothing wrong with choosing kiwi and strawberries for your dessert. You don’t have to choose just one. You also don’t have to always rely on outlined steps. Winging it can be very “fruitful” if you combine it with an existing plan. Just one or the other may not be as fulfilling.

Say you have a plan. But if you’re so stringent to following that path with no room for change, you may be missing out on golden opportunities as they arise. Your tunnel vision blocks out all the doors flinging open along your way.

Yet winging it with no plan isn’t always smart. You don’t want to be caught off guard or drag someone along with you into a complex matrix that has no purpose or end.

Try a little bit of both on your next project. See what happens. Develop a plan to start your action, but be open to new ideas that come your way. Spontaneity is incredibly helpful if you are up to the conversations. Be ready and be open. It’s an awesome combination for success.

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