The Year of a Mindful Career: Talking Just to Talk?

While I waited to meet a friend for lunch, I observed a woman who seemed quite uncomfortable within her large group. She fidgeted and frequently looked around. I could easily tell she was agitated, but the true tell was how much she talked—over everyone and during every pause.

Yes, we all have times when we feel a little out of place. But filling a void or discomforting setting with “talk” isn’t always the best idea. Let others have their say. Being still and silent doesn’t mean you’re rude. Rather, talking is an art and when, how and what are all part of it.

I’m certainly not a communications expert, but watching this woman made me feel uncomfortable. It also made me think.

Am I talking just to talk?

Can I be still and be okay with it?

I’m being more mindful of my communication.

Well, my clients know how we use silence as a key networking strategy. That’s right—silence! I’d love to share a little more, if you’d like to “talk” about it. (wink)

Personal Challenge: Invite periods of silence in and avoid talking just to talk.

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