The Year of a Mindful Career: Dog Day Afternoon

If you haven’t experienced a dog day afternoon, then buckle up. One is on its way. Summer is coming and the heat will soon follow. While we love these warm summer months, there are times when the heat and the humidity take their toll.

This can also happen in the workplace and in our careers. Something (probably not heat per se) will weigh you down into inactivity. It could be conflict, pressures of deadlines or the drudge of a job that doesn’t excite you. You may just feel “blah” and the only cure in sight is a cool lemonade out on the veranda.

Finding such a respite may require change. You might need to speak up, stand up, search out or do something to get your zest back. Just don’t give up and succumb to the heat of the day. Imagine that within that lemon of an afternoon lies an inviting, refreshing, cool glass of lemonade! 

Personal Challenge: Let’s work together to turn a lemon into lemonade.

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