The Year of a Mindful Career: 5 Ways to Stay Positive

If you see the benefits of positivity, as they are enumerable, then here are a few ways to keep the power coming: 

  1. Create a positive environment. Surround yourself with people who are positive, or avoid the ones who aren’t. Decorate your space with uplifting images and quotes and always grab a little fresh air to enhance your mood.
  2. Work on positive meditation. Don’t ruminate on negative things. Learn to let go and quickly fill that thought space with something positive. Try meditating on a positive phrase until your subconscious grabs hold of it and makes it a reality.
  3. Accept criticism thoughtfully. When you change your perspective and behavior from criticism and pointing out faults to illuminating possibilities you’ll flip the switch to positivity. The best success stories are riddled with criticisms. You know that you’re getting positive attention when you’re making enough waves for someone to offer their “sage” advice.
  4. Know that it’s temporary. Despite the fact that it may feel like the world is closing in around you, it’s temporary. Despite the fact that it feels like there’s no hope for tomorrow, it’s temporary. You have to have faith that what is happening is not permanent but character building.
  5. Pay it forward. By uplifting others, you will uplift yourself. Positivity begets positivity. When you spread the love, karma will send some your way.

Personal Challenge: What positive habits will you adopt? Journal about the results.

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