5 Daily Career Do’s—Number 4

Disney Princess Elsa got it right! Sometimes you just need to “Let it go!” Whether that be the talent within that’s dying to come out or conflicts and zingers that you simply need to walk away from. Let it Go is your next Daily Career Do.

Even if you think you’ve got this strategy down, I urge you to read on. Your career depends on it. Simply put, it’s imperative that you develop the strategy of discerning what’s worth your time and what’s not. Why am I so earnest in my plea? Because when you hold on to something you need to let go of—toxic emotions, a wilting project and yes, even a job—your career and your life are wholly affected, and not in a good way. When something can’t be fixed or it’s weighing you down, it’s probably best to let it go. Here’s how:

Get the Facts. Let’s talk about emotions for a moment. Did you know that we often instinctively confuse emotions with facts? They are completely different and when blended can cloud good judgment and derail professional behavior. Just because someone sent a seemingly “snarky” email or ignored your “hello” doesn’t mean they don’t like you anymore. When your supervisor doesn’t give you deserved accolades for a project, it doesn’t mean you aren’t being recognized in other ways. These are times when your inner critic easily fires up and emotions cloud your judgment. Instead, take a deep breath, shush the inner critic and get the facts. Ask questions, listen and discern what is really going on, then let it go.

Just Walk Away. Of course there will be times when you encounter some push back or negativity. I’d wager that you might experience this in some form everyday. From the person who failed to hold the door open for you to the surly barista, in our hectic, fast paced world, there are plenty of opportunities to feel the sting of someone’s unsavory attitude. If you hold on to every one of these experiences, it won’t be long before you decide not to get out of bed in the morning. So think about it. Somewhere along the way you’ve decided what you’re willing to walk away from. Is your “let it go” litmus test due for an update? Try mentally (and physically) walking away from anyone and anything that evokes bad energy. Try it for one day. Once you see how easy it is to do, you’ve mastered the art of letting it go.

Go For It! On the flipside, if there is something that you’ve been dying to try, why not today? What could be possibly standing in your way of exploring what matters? Here’s the thing.  We can all say “tomorrow is another day,” until we have too many tomorrows between now and regret. Today is the day to make your dreams a reality and test the limits of what you’re capable of achieving. Just ask Elsa!

Daily Career Do. Your Daily Career Do’s are waiting for you to make them happen and advance your career. I hope you’re keeping track and employing them each day. Here are the four you have so far:  Take 15, Positivity, Goal Attainment and Let It Go! Write them down on an index card or put them on your phone where you can review them daily. Remember, these WILL advance your career. So buckle up and get ready to roll!

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