Answering Tricky Interview Questions

You guessed it—what defines tricky interview questions all depends on the applicant.  Most job seekers admit to being a little intimidated by a question or two, and it’s usually the ones that have stumped them in the past or perhaps hit home with a personal or professional challenge.

The key to answering tricky interview questions is to flip your mental switch. In career coaching, we use a process that gets you over the hurdle of the psychological trap of tricky interview questions and turns them into ones that you can address calmly with confidence.

Some tricky interview questions can be as simple as “Tell us about yourself” or “What are your weaknesses?” to more intense questions like “How would you handle an irate customer?” or “Why did you not meet your last quarter sales quota?”

We all have tricky interview questions but they don’t need to trip us up any longer. Let’s work together to unearth, smooth and strategize any tricky interview questions that may currently stand in your way of career success.

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