Be Career Courageous

Everyone is courageous. We just act on it differently and at different times in our days and our lives. Therefore it’s highly subjective. Still we do have courage we can choose to invoke whenever we want and when we don’t that’s okay too, as long as we’re satisfied with that choice. Remember, it’s our choice. To blame others for what we don’t choose to do or for the results that we attain when we do choose to be courageous dilutes our personal courage. Having the courage to face setbacks and learn from the wisdom they provide is HUGE!

But hey, none of this is easy. Trust me I know.

Especially when it comes to our careers. Still, career courage is mandatory for any professional improvements or change. We have the ability to build ourselves an entirely new career, environment, schedule, title, industry focus and yes—salary! We can really go far to amp up our success but it takes courage. One small step at a time type courage.

If you’re sitting on the couch blaming colleagues, your supervisor, your company or anyone and anything else for your circumstances, then get up and look in the mirror. It starts, sustains and ends with you. You have the ability to make anything you want a reality. But it takes courage to start and courage to sustain the change (even when times are tough and repetitions, ridicules and setbacks happen.

But if you’re hungry for more—that’s the most important fuel needed to fire up and keep your courage going. And I’m here to help you start, sustain and hit the finish line.

Are you career courageous? No sweat!

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