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Don’t Be Labeled ‘Generation Text’

We are facing a dilemma. New graduates are failing miserably when it comes to searching for and acquiring growth-oriented employment. I’ll quote a colleague who often bemoans how this generation was brought up on winning a blue ribbon for each time they failed. “They always got prizes for coming in last, so why should they […]

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Take Resume Responsibility Seriously

Why bother with a resume? Well, despite what you might have heard, or tried to convince yourself the resume is still a mandatory document. A great resume takes time to develop. There’s a lot that goes into crafting a killer resume, so the process shouldn’t be taken lightly. Another “shouldn’t,” involves blaming the resume for […]

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Diffuse Angry Birds!

There will always be people in the workplace with a bad, bad attitude. Let’s call them Angry Birds! Now that we’ve named them, what do we do about them? Many clients I work with are hoping to change careers solely because they want to flee an Angry Bird. What a shame. To feel you must […]

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