Avoid Career Burnout

Some people are super powered workaholics. Others are career engaged. While others are barley surviving.

What describes you best? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ve probably been all three at one time or another.

But when you start to waffle between the extremes you may be on the route to career burnout. Don’t always assume that working yourself to death will result in a raise or promotion. Many times you are simply the one person everyone turns to when they want to get things done. You may need to discern whether or not to take on the project and how to thoughtfully decline in order to survive in your career. You may also need to reflect on whether your current career is the right one for you.

“I value finding passion and harmony in my work by being connected to and caring about my team and my customers and making a big difference in their lives. I would burn out way faster working five hours a day at a job that was hurting my soul than I would working 15 hours a day at a job that’s feeding my soul.” —Dan Price, Gravity Payments

To avoid career burnout, try adopting these principles and see how quickly you can turn your career from burnout to stand out!

  • Take care of your health and give yourself grace when you’re tired or make mistakes;
  • Celebrate your wins and look for ways to use your strengths at work and at home;
  • Say “no” when you want to say “no” and release any guilt attached to it;
  • Surround yourself with positive people who give you energy and make you smile;
  • Learn to let go of the petty stuff and not focus first on what went wrong;
  • Finally, and probably most importantly, be willing to put yourself out there to find a career that fulfills and challenges you and when it no longer does, look again.

How to Be Career Happy? Avoid Career Burnout

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