Be Truly Authentic

You know when someone isn’t authentic. You can feel the hypocrisy just oozing out of them.

Thankfully that’s not you. 

You are authentic. And you are special. And you are hugely valuable to all whom you encounter. To put it bluntly, this translates into value to organizations. It’s critical for career success that you understand your authentic brand and share it with the world on paper (resume), online (LinkedIn) and in person (interviewing and networking), especially if you want to change your career, advance your career or be happier in your career.

But authenticity is much more than a dollar sign. It’s all about shedding preconceived notions and getting in touch with your true self.

In an article in the Huffington Post, self-love coach Jennifer Twardowski cites eleven signs that identify a truly authentic person, some of which include that “they find emptiness in material things and are not out to please people.”

While authenticity means to feel comfortable not being perfect in the eyes of others, it doesn’t mean sacrificing professionalism, compassion and human kindness, especially if you want your career to soar.

While I totally agree with Twardowski’s characteristics of authenticity, I’m pleased that these somewhat seemingly selfish attributes are nicely balanced with a few of her other authenticity requirements, such as:

  • They find value in giving love to others;
  • They take responsibility for their lives;
  • They truly listen to others.

If you’re authentic and true to yourself then you will be seen as an authority in meetings, in encounters and in networking and in negotiating. Let’s work together to help you infuse your authentic brand in all that you do and to help you build your authority in the career marketplace.

How to Be Career Happy? Be Truly Authentic

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