Become an A-Lister

What does this mean exactly and who decides whether you’re an A-Lister or not?

Recently, I spoke with another coach who told me that he only services “A-List” clients. I thought about this for quite a while, wondering what exactly that meant. Sure, I know whom media claims are A-Listers, but how do they determine that?


So after some serious pondering, I realized that I too only serve A-List clients. My clientele, while many are gainfully employed in honest to goodness hardworking professions, are also A-Listers.

They’re good people.

They’re self-motivated.

They’re hugely talented.

They’re “super fun” to work with. (quoting Elle Woods)

They’re incredibly gracious and kind.

They’re dedicated, driven and hardworking professionals.

Heck, they’re A-Listers.

It really comes down to perspective. I think about the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. When you believe it to be so, it truly is.

Stop assessing yourself against others. And stop judging yourself too harshly or allowing others who judge harshly to get into your headspace.

You’re amazing! And it’s our job as a team to pull out that amazing-ness and let it shine for the world to see. Welcome to career coaching.

How to Be Career Happy? Become An A-Lister.

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