Career Coaching, Career Counseling or Career Consulting?

Is there really a difference and if so, which is right for you? To be really brief, coaches ask questions, counselors explore the “why” and consultants share expertise. Of course there is a little creative license here (no pun intended) but it’s pretty accurate. How would I know? Well, I’ve been all three. Though there are distinct ethical differences between career coaching, career counseling or career consulting, it’s nice to have three professionals in one.

Counselor? My background is in counseling and while I will NEVER ethically delve into that arena while coaching, you can rest assured that your personal and professional wellbeing is always at the forefront of my mind.

Coach or consultant? Working with me you’ll get a little bit of both but I’ll always be clear about asking permission before putting my consulting hat on. Why? When it comes to developing a motivating success plan for positioning yourself to attract opportunities, you’ll not only need thought provoking questions but a career portfolio and opportunity attraction expert. When our coaching moves to this area, I will be able to offer my 15 years of experience in the career industry as a professional certified coach with over 1200 hours of coaching under my belt and 7 years as an experienced, and certified, resume writer.

Career coaching, career counseling or career consulting? The answer lies in getting what YOU need, in the ethically right way at the right time. Let’s talk and see how I can help you cultivate career happiness.

How To Be Career Happy? Explore Coaching

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