Career Coaching Unlocks Intelligence

In the movie Lucy, Scarlett Johansson’s character has the ability to unlock larger portions of her “brain power.” Using this unusual talent, she can accomplish amazing feats, save lives and protect nations.

So why can’t we? 

Why are we not able to unlock the vault of intelligence buried within us?

Is the rate at which we are expected to perform and achieve results repressing our ability to truly think?

Are we so close to our own wisdom that we can’t see it staring us right in the face?

These questions are at the root of all global philosophical dialogue and so far, no one has the answers. Do you?

There is one unique way that we can unlock intelligence, through “Triggers.” External triggers—words, scents, sights, sounds and conversations—all pave the path to internal wisdom. And one of the triggers you have right at your fingertips is your career coach! That’s right. I truly believe that career coaching unlocks intelligence.

The conversations, challenges and questions posed during career coaching help you cut through the clutter and unlock your own amazing wisdom.

When we’re working together through the process of career coaching, we tap into latent pearls of wisdom and route that intelligence toward the greater good. Sounds like we’re a bunch of super heroes, (boy do I wish) but we’re not.

Coaches are trained to help you unlock your inner wisdom and use those “smarts” to create the path that will get you there and help guide and support you in taking that first big step and beyond. Hearing your own wisdom reflected back will inspire a journey of courageous success.  Remember, you have the most powerful insight of all! As your career coach, I’m here to extract and help you clarify how this inner knowledge can help you reach your true potential.

Do we only use 10% of our brain? Not anymore.

How To Be Career Happy? Unlock Your Inner Intelligence 

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