Career Happiness Tip: 5 Ways to Employ a Little “Love Your Work”

Loving what you do is important for career success. Sure, you can make a big salary even if you dislike your job, but it won’t last forever. Who wants to be that person counting down the days until retirement?

So if I can’t convince you to design or find the job of your dreams, then can I at least encourage you to employ a little “love your work?” This is the root of Career Happiness.

What do I mean?

  1. Find out what you love about your work and do more of it;
  2. Find a way to add more of what you love to your work;
  3. Find a way to love the opportunity and be grateful for what you do;
  4. Find a way to work alongside people you really love:
  5. Find a way to love your work life balance.

You don’t have to change jobs if you can’t bring yourself to give up that big, big salary. But please don’t go down in flames.

“Love your work” means many things to many people, but if the love is lost, eventually, so is the motivation. Don’t fizzle out or Scrooge your way to retirement. Instead, let’s explore deeper these five ways to employ a little “love your work” so you can be career happy!

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