Career Success Strategy: Take Control Over What You Can Control

There are certain things we can control and things we cannot. Career success hinges on what we choose to control and how we gracefully let go of everything else. If you’re like me, you occasionally need to be reminded of what these “control factors” are so you can make positive changes in your career and life. Remember, all positive changes all start with you.

Professionalism Speaker, Kelley Monterusso recently shared the following “control” list to remind us where we need to focus on energies and when we simply need to let go.


Things you can control in your professional environment:

  1. Attitude
  2. What I say
  3. How I feel
  4. What I do
  5. What I project
  6. How much I contribute
  7. My learning and skill level
  8. Your appearance and how you present yourself
  9. How I react to others and external forces

Things you can’t control:

  1. What others say
  2. How others act
  3. What the weather is like
  4. What the economy is like
  5. Deadlines and expectations

What about you? What is it that you need to let go of more often and what do you need to take control of? Advancing your career success depends on both of these factors. When you make the right choices and choose to put your energy where it truly belongs, you will feel stronger and more capable of achieving great things!

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