Career Success Strategy: Three Ways To Not Lose Control

If you’re a “control freak” like me, you need to have a handle on your projects, your schedule and what’s going on around you in order to keep your stress level low.

But unfortunately, there are plenty of things we cannot control and sometimes that may cause us to lose control, a.k.a. “freak out.” We want to avoid stress in our lives, so why add to it? Rather, develop good habits that help you avoid losing control when the pressure settles in. So, why not start today? Begin identifying and developing control inducing habits that will last a lifetime and look for ways that you can stay in control when it feels like things are spinning out of control.

Here a three ways to not lose control when you just can’t control what’s going on around you:

  1. Take a Breath. I’m not patronizing when I say to “take a breath.” I mean it. Taking a breath and chilling before you respond will give your brain needed oxygen for clearer thinking.
  2. Wait a While. Instead of reacting, think about the wisest course of action. If an immediate response isn’t required, mull it over for at least 24 hours.
  3. Make a Fist. Develop a trigger reaction, such as making a fist, to remind you to calm down. Sometimes drawing the energy toward a select muscle group (like when you’re lifting weights or doing yoga) draws the blood away from the heart and helps reduce stress.

Whatever your career success strategy, it’s not worth your losing control emotionally and physically. Your fight or flight response may kick in, but often this adrenaline surge is not worth the price. So relax, wait a while and make a fist and in no time, you’ll find you’re back in control of the situation.

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