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Build Mental Muscle

Simply put, you can’t perform at your peak without a strong mindset. If you doubt yourself and continuously allow your inner critic to remind you of your self-perceived weakness and past mistakes, you will never be strong. In an article by psychologist, Amy Morin, she shared how often she sees clients who are resistant to […]

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Don’t Underestimate Stellar Customer Service

“That’s not my job.” When I heard these words from a company president in reference to customer service, I was shocked. Seriously? Customer service should be the foundation of all employee’s career success, no matter your position. It should also be the foundation for personal career success. That’s right. Customer service is basically networking in […]

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Find the Right Motivator

One of the biggest hurdles to any type of progress or change is lack of motivation. When you are tasked with a list of to-do’s that might seem less than desirable, daunting, overwhelming or difficult, the way you go about conquering them is the same way that you go about achieving the things that you […]

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