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Do You Have A Promotion Proposal Ready To Roll?

So your boss called you into her office for your annual review. You talked a little about performance improvement, poked around your strengths a bit and got the well-deserved accolades that you needed to get you back on to doing what you do best. What just happened? You forgot to discuss your promotion proposal and […]

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How Not To Fail Your Next Interview

When you think of the term “fail,” no doubt you’re conjuring up images of an applicant failing to coherently respond to the interview questions. Or perhaps your mind runs to more illustrative possibilities—an applicant spilling hot coffee on the interviewer or showing up in their pajamas. It doesn’t require a grand performance to fail an […]

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Executive Resume: C-Level Style

When working with executives on their career portfolio, I always ask for their target company. At the C level (or equivalent), resumes are typically submitted only by request, or through a thought leader’s savvy negotiation. Therefore catering the document to reflect the organizational style will not only ensure a great fit, but a strong understanding […]

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