Face Your Fear of Rejection

I recently read an article that affirmed what I’ve heard before. Fear of rejection stifles productivity, performance, creativity and overall career success. When parents make their love conditional upon a child’s behavior, these children grow up to become adults preoccupied with the opinions of others.

Add to this the never ending stream of critical opinions offered up in the workplace by leadership and via social media and you have a recipe for career disaster.

More than 99% of adults experience both the fears of failure and rejection. They are caught in the trap of feeling, “I can’t, but I have to. I have to, but I can’t.”

If you feel you can overcome the fear of rejection on your own, then you most definitely will be stronger in the long run. But if you haven’t made significant progress on your most important goals, then you may be holding yourself back due to fear of failure.

This is why coaching is so important.

Having someone who can help you explore how rejection may be holding you back and really dig deep into what rejection looks like on its lighter learning side is all part of coaching.

Whatever you do, break through the shackles of past expectations and find new ways to live your life to the fullest without fear.

Isn’t it time to face your fear of rejection head on?

How to Be Career Happy? Face Your Fear of Rejection.

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