Facing Too Many Rejections?

Rejection is part of life’s funny game. Whether you’re pursuing your dream career, asking for a high level promotion or heck, even asking someone out on a date—you’re going to face rejection.

You’ll even find that social media provides a daily helping of rejection when people don’t respond to your post, your Instagram picture receives no “likes” or worse, someone “unfriends” you on Facebook. Horrors!

It’s what you do with it and how you handle it that makes all the difference.

Rejection is simply an opinion of the rejector. It’s not an opinion of you. It’s how the person on the receiving end of what you’re offering is feeling or needing at the moment. This is influenced by so many things such as mood, emotions, past experience, stress, culture, etc.

It’s not about you.

Still, you need to handle it thoughtfully and look at ways you can change the response of the recipient and/or future recipients.

If you’re willing to re-evaluate your approach, you’ll get huge results. If you’re willing to try again, you’ll get huge results. If you’re willing to face future rejection, you’ll get huge results.

Don’t let rejection, or fear of rejection, become personal.

Or worse, don’t let rejection turn to blame which can cost you personally, professionally and psychologically. Unfortunately, I see this all the time and it can be a huge turn off to others who could positively impact your career.

Instead, let’s work as a team to see what is really happening here and how you can build your resistance to rejection and get the results that you want and deserve.

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