Get What You Deserve: Money and Happiness

Why do we feel there needs to be choice between money or happiness?

Why do we feel guilty expecting one or the other or both?

The truth is, there are many people out there (and I hope you’re one of them) who have successfully achieved both money and happiness. Yes, the interpretation of what “achievement” means in both of these spectrums is highly subjective, but still many, many, many people have what they deserve—money and happiness.

You may have a solid nest egg with benefits and the flexible workday that allows you to focus on family. That’s money and happiness!

Or you may have a seven-figure salary and a career that allows you to travel the globe.

That’s money and happiness!

Or perhaps you have enough to comfortably make ends meet while you volunteer your day helping others in need. That’s money and happiness!

There’s no rule that money is a dirty thing or that happiness is elusive. It’s all in your perspective. You also have the right to expect both out of your career. When you sacrifice one for the other, it’s a slippery slope to frustration and dissatisfaction. This can occur when you become complacent, fearful or even pressured into fulfilling someone else’s expectations for your life.

Recently, I worked with an amazing client who was poised to reach big successes (both emotionally and financially) in her career. But someone told her it couldn’t be done. And much to both of our dismays, she believed it and she gave up going for what she deserved—money and happiness!

Thankfully, she sought coaching to help her move past the external and internal obstacles standing in her way of being Career Happy! Not only is she finding success as an expert in her field, but she’s also well compensated for her work and more importantly, happy in all that she does.

How to Be Career Happy? Get What You Deserve: Money and Happiness.

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