How’s Your Career EQ?

I’m certain you’ve heard of Emotional Intelligence. “We are no longer only judged by intellectual abilities and work competencies alone but by personal qualities. IQ takes second position to EQ.”

While emotional intelligence is integral in all aspects of our lives, it’s prudent to develop it for our careers. Understanding how to cultivate it is essential, especially with empathy, adaptability, persuasiveness and initiative.

When you’re able to manage your feelings and emotions appropriately and effectively in any situation, you increase your job performance, are considered promotable, can advance your career quicker, can help foster a healthy workplace and encourage those around you to work smoothly in pursuit of a common goal.

By modeling a high EQ you are also able to inspire others to do the same. While the results may not be instantaneous, it will be effective. Especially if you have the opportunity to learn more about the importance of cultivating emotional intelligence as a team.

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