Interview Questions Versus Resumes: Where to Invest Your Time

Did you know that the real reason people miss out on great opportunities is because of a poor interview? According to recruiters, the time spent agonizing over resumes should be better spent honing interview skills. Yes, your resume needs to be killer in order for you to get the interview in the first place, but you cannot underestimate the value of good responses to interview questions. In the battle of how to spend your time—interview questions versus resumes?—interview wins every time.

I’m here to help. Let’s knock out a killer resume and work together to unearth what makes you so valuable to any organization. While we are laying the groundwork for your resume we are also prepping you for networking, negotiating and yes, blowing recruiters socks off during an interview. Together we’ll quell the nerves and build confidence as we tackle the battle of interview questions versus resumes. And guess what? You’ll soon be the master of both.

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