Invest In Your Own Career Abundance

Investing in yourself when you’re not sure of the outcome is one of Ramit Sethi’s keys to abundance. Here’s an eye-opening quote:

“Whenever I hear someone ask, ‘But how do I know this will work for me?’ I already know that he or she is doomed. Those are the words of a loser. A winner says ‘I’ve done my homework, and this looked good. I’m worth it and I’m smart enough to figure out how to apply this to my life.’”*

I agree that we are all worth it and smart enough to figure out how to be career abundant simply by applying what we learn at work, in coaching and through mentoring in our personal and professional lives.

But career abundance requires the critical key—application.

Sethi spends more than $50k a year on trainers, coaches, teachers and professional development and commits to reading two books a week. He knows that successful people see learning as a continual journey.

What’s the use of wanting more when you’re not going to apply yourself in order to get it?

You’ve heard me say it before and I’m saying it again, with a grateful nod to Sethi—application is the key to success.

So what are you waiting for?

How to Be Career Happy? Invest In Your Own Career Abundance

*Success May 2017

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