Pick Up The Phone To Garner More Respect

Busy executives, like you, have very little time to read, let alone respond to every email that comes your way. While it’s important to keep in contact via email and use email as a way of confirming meetings and sharing important tips, details, insights and information in writing, using it as a source of constant requests can be a turn off.

It’s time to pick up the phone.

When you use email and/or texts to carry on a conversation with someone (outside of a friendship or quick interchange) it can quickly become a sign of unprofessionalism, especially when you are asking for help, a favor or for advice and assistance. It requires a lot more energy and time, not to mention careful crafting, so that it’s not misinterpreted. Email and text request overload is a huge distraction to others. Career happiness requires your ability to curtail constantly sending text and email requests. Instead, try a little voice-to-voice or face-to-face conversation.

Put yourself in this position. You receive an email request that requires a thoughtful response. You stop what you’re doing, take time to read it and respond. This happens, it’s normal. Then you receive another query back from the same individual asking for more. Now you are once again disrupted from focus and asked to do more work on this person’s behalf. Being the kind person that you are, you do so but with a little reticence as you are being heavily distracted from your work and feel that the person (maybe even in the office down the hall) would be more gracious if they set a time to talk with you about all the questions that they have in one concise session.

Then sure enough, just when you thought the “quick requests” were put to bed, here comes another one.

Unless you live for distractions (which is a huge career “derailer”), you are going to find yourself getting annoyed and probably losing a little patience with the person who wrote the email in the first place.

So that’s why it’s important to craft succinct emails and texts with no more than one or two questions. Beyond that, it’s best for your career, reputation, relationship and happiness that you schedule a meeting to discuss. Even easier, and more appreciated, pick up the phone.

How to Be Career Happy? Pick Up The Phone To Garner More Respect.

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