Position Yourself for Opportunity Attraction

As we work together in coaching, I want you to evolve. I want all of my clients to not only be ready to achieve their most important goals but also to have the tools to step beyond what they believe is possible. In our work, we explore how your career portfolio should be designed around you. What should (and shouldn’t) be highlighted in your resume, presented in an interview and keynoted in networking conversations.

This is important even if you want to simply be happier in your career.

Having a solid career portfolio is the first step in highlighting your brand and positioning yourself for “opportunity attraction”—the phrase I use to describe the process of never asking for a promotion or looking for job again.

Once you know who you are and what you’re capable of, your confidence grows exponentially and you start increasing your chances for success. Once you know who you are and are confident in how you can make positive, value-laden contributions to any organization, people will be knocking on your door.

Opportunity attraction doesn’t happen overnight.

In fact, just because you can tout your accomplishments doesn’t mean people will be intrigued. You need to develop that fine filament that draws them to you and inspires them to help you grow your career. Once you’re ready to position yourself for opportunity attraction, exciting things come your way. Unexpected and unbelievable are words that my clients have used to describe this pull of positive energy. But it requires work and commitment. But the rewards are huge and sustainable. Perhaps it’s time for you to feel this same experience. Let’s get started.

How to Be Career Happy? Position Yourself for Opportunity Attraction

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