Pout When You Feel Like It. Then Move On, Man!

There’s something cathartic about a pout once in a while. But when it rolls over into negatively impacting your career, relationships and productivity, it’s no longer “cute.” Sometimes we pout, but we don’t admit we’re pouting. We just feel anger and disappointment and we stop moving forward because “the world’s against us!” Or what we’ve tried in regards to upward and forward movement has stalled and we look desperately around for something or someone to blame. Spoiler alert: This is pouting!

Okay, so after we can acknowledge we, as humans, have a tendency to pout now and again, what should we do about it?

After the mood passes, try reflecting, regrouping and recharging.

Reflect: Who’s to blame? Who are we really upset with? Who’s in control? If you’re ready to be honest with yourself, the answer to all three of these questions is “You!” That’s right. We are always at the root of what isn’t working, because we have the power, opportunity and right to make change.

Regroup: Now that you know the power is truly in your hands, take a few moments and figure out what you can do to change what’s making you pout in the first place. Who do you need to talk to? What do you need more of? What is really holding you back and how can you move past it in a new and more impactful way?

Recharge: It’s time to take action. Pull out your life, career, job search, advancement or wellness plan and revisit what needs to be done. What needs to change? What can you try differently? What (or who) will motivate you to push past your comfort zone (and excuses) and start making your dreams a reality?

Hey, we all pout. It feels good for a moment.

But remember, a pout should only be a temporary pause in action. When it goes on too long it becomes a habit and a huge obstacle. Go ahead and grab your Ben and Jerry’s and dive on in as you reflect and regroup.

But the next day, you better be ready to step out, start anew and really take charge of your life. Remember, you’re in control and you hold all the power. But of course, I’m right here by your side.

How to Be Career Happy? Pout When You Feel Like It. Then Move On, Man!

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