Pull Back The Lens And Assess Your Transferrable Skills

Sometime when you’re too close to the situation it’s hard to see the overarching results. Take your career. You may be so busily involved meeting your goals and getting results that you can’t see the impact that you’re making. It may also be hard for you to see how these specific efforts can also help another company or department.

This may lead to you feel stuck.

You’re not.

You just need to pull back the lens a little and identify your transferable skills.

When you do so, amazing things happen:

  1. Your confidence soars;
  2. Your resume becomes laser focused:
  3. Your career options open wide;
  4. Your networking feels authentic, easy and fun;
  5. Your career goals blossom;
  6. You’re back in control of your career;
  7. You’re no longer stuck.

Coaching can help you with this process. It’s a great way to pull back the lens and help you assess and capitalize on your amazing, transferrable skills.

How to Be Career Happy? Pull Back The Lens And Assess Your Transferrable Skills

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