Putting the YOU in Your “Infomercial”

Wherever you go, someone is bound to ask “what do you do?” Savvy job seekers, career professionals, executives, consultants and business owners understand well the success of employing a “30 Second” Infomercial or “Elevator Speech” to describe the benefits they offer a potential employer or client.

At every meeting you attend, come prepared to “pitch” and listen, odds are there are people there seeking to engage in strategic alliances, possible business partnerships and find rising stars that can help them achieve their professional and organizational objectives. So be smart and be ready. Start developing your own “Infomercial” by answering the following applicable questions:

“What service or skill do you offer?”

“What do you do for a living?

“Why are you qualified for this position or project?”

“Who is your target client?”

“What are the positive results or increased benefits you can offer?”

“Why are you the best person for the job or project?”

“What is your brand?”

Once you’ve answered these questions, fashion them into a few, succinct statements that accurately describe who you are and what you offer. Then start with a “hook” — a clever, statement that entices someone into wanting to hear more. But way before you deliver your pitch, note that true success lies in the delivery. This doesn’t equate to being smooth or incredibly poised, it means being real.

People can smell a disingenuous networker (or applicant) a mile away. Rather, your true success begins in being authentic while also being honest and engaging. It’s not easy but it’s doable. Think about it. We all want to be around others we like. So whether you’re delivering your pitch in an interview or at a chamber event, remember your best rule of thumb is to be yourself.

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