How To Rapidly Accelerate Your Income

I’ve recently learned a secret—you’re sitting right next to a pot of gold. Yes, when I first heard this I didn’t believe it either. Then when I understood what it meant I was hooked, especially when I saw the results.

Let me explain. Too often we look for happiness, security and anything else that we want outside of ourselves. That may even include a huge salary increase. The problem is we are searching for the next best thing to come our way and give it to us. Bad idea, because whatever we want won’t come to us that way.

If you’re looking to rapidly accelerate your income in 2017, you just have to get up and ask for that pot of gold. I hear you. “Oh, there’s the hook. I have to ask and I’m not about to approach my boss for that.” Not really.

Listen, if you haven’t got it by now, maybe you’re going about it all the wrong way.

  • How effective is your promotion proposal?
  • How compelling is your opportunity attraction plan?
  • How are you negotiating effectively to get the work/life balance, title, salary or job of your dreams?

You have all of these things and more within your reach. I help people every day secure their personal pot of gold. If you want this (and trust me you deserve it), you can’t wait for it to come your way. You have to approach it differently and directly.

If you want rapid and REAL results, then stop waiting. Instead, make this happen. Grab your pot of gold!

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