Resume or Job Search—Which Comes First?

When you’re considering a career change, your first instinct may be to create a resume. After all, you already have a job, so you know how to find one. Or do you? Are you missing out on awesome opportunities because you’re already jumping into the resume without prepping for a job search? The old adage, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” also applies here. Resume or job search—which comes first?

My answer is neither. As part of the coaching process we develop both simultaneously so there is a seamless integration of your brand and spike in your potential. These are not just words—it’s the truth. By cultivating them both at the same time, you are also speeding up a successful transition. The process is holistic and really allows you to understand and articulate your value so that employers will pay you what you’re worth. Resume or job search—which comes first? If you want to accelerate successful results, then tackle them simultaneously. It’s a dynamic process and the ROI of career coaching includes both a resume and job search success plan.

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