Resume Samples for Sales Executives

Many of my clients are sales executives. They’ve hired me because they are either poised to move up the corporate ladder or are ready to land their next big career move. Whether it’s up or out, they’re in transition and want to do everything within their power to transition smoothly, effectively and lucratively. This means they’re thinking above and beyond a simple resume sample for sales executives. Instead, they want help to ensure they’re putting their best foot forward and opening new doors to high-level positions.

While many of them are excellent communicators, they may occasionally struggle with capturing all of their wins and talents on a resume and resume samples won’t cut it.  While this is true for most of us (hence the need for career coaching), any professional in transition is doing themselves a disservice if they rely solely on an interview to tout there wins. Why? If it isn’t obvious, you may not land an interview if your resume doesn’t spark the employer’s interest.

In coaching, we develop a personally branded resume that aligns your value as a candidate with the need of the organization. This process is an artful extraction of the key elements that emphasize your qualifications and brand and smoothly articulate your transferable skill set to any new organization. Of course, a typical resume sample for a sales executive will have a strong history emphasis, but a high level sales resume should include the following sections:

  • Header: Grab the reader’s attention with a snapshot of who you are and your value-laden potential.
  • Accomplishments: Emphasize quantifiable wins in a way that answers organizational needs.
  • Progressive Professional History: Show growth and a wide range of experience from management, training and corporate presentations to territory development and key account establishment.
  • Awards: Share honors that affirm your executive achievements.
  • Education: Illustrate professional growth and development through formal education and training.

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