Rise Above If You Value Your Career

There are more times than naught when we are tempted to react to a situation. And there are plenty of times when we can take the bait, be tempted to gossip or blame. These temptations are common daily occurrences in life and at work.

If you value your career, you’ll learn to rise above. This is a habit, not only under the mindfulness umbrella but also sitting neatly under the crown of good stewardship. You’ve probably heard the expression “bite your tongue.” This certainly applies when we are in a negative situation and feel the urge to react.

Rising above isn’t easy but boy it is worth it, especially if you value your career. Think about how you can formulate this habit over the next month—how you can hold your head up high, maintain your stellar reputation, be a role model and generally sleep easy at night.

And if you need a little more inspiration, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

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