Salary Negotiation at the Interview

Are you really ready for your next big career change? Once you launch the sequence of moving onto something new, you’ll need to be prepared for anything, including salary negotiation. In fact, your next interview may go so well that you might get an offer on the spot. In coaching, I’ll help you “wow” them in the interview and be ready to negotiate a winning salary.

Although the interview is not the best time to proceed with a salary negotiation, you should still have a plan in mind. What do you want from the company—salary, title, flexible work arrangements, insurance? What are you willing to sacrifice—parking space, tuition reimbursement, distance? And what are the long-range benefits of making this decision—engagement opportunities, career advancement, leadership positioning, a nest egg?  Successful negotiation takes planning and practice.

In coaching, we’ll explore what matters most and how you can artfully guide the employer where you want them to go. We’ll look at how far to push, what key questions and strategic body language will help you reach your goals. The opportunity for salary negotiation can come at any time in your career—a meeting with your supervisor, a discussion with the board of directors or even over lunch. Don’t get caught unawares and don’t wait until after the interview to craft your winning negotiation plan.

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