Say No With Grace

I say “No” a lot. It’s not always easy but it’s incredibly liberating when you can gently decline something that would either pull you from a priority or cause you regret. There are times of course when we wish we could say “no,” but shouldn’t. Of course we probably would share the same list here, but respectively I’ll leave that to your subjective opinion.

I love being productive. It allows me to sleep better and have more time to do the things I want to do. Of course as a business owner, I’m certain you can understand that is a priority.

But with learning to say “no” more often I quickly jumped on a guilt train. At first I would look for solid excuses that would give me a great “out.” When I couldn’t find them, I would go along with everything and anything and many times begrudgingly.

Then I realized that this is pulling me away from what’s important—even if it wasn’t a big time commitment I would waste time stewing about it before and after.

So I learned to say “no” with grace. And I learned to be okay with saying “no” with grace.

I have lost “friends” in the process. I have lost business too. But what I’ve reaped is truly unconditional friendships, more quality time with my family, the opportunity to give back and volunteer when I can, the time to be creative and of course grow a business and make my clients a priority.

Sure, I still give the “I’ll probably have to say ‘no’ speech” to anyone who will listen because in my twisted mind it greases the pavement for the inevitable “no,” especially for all the “coffees” and “cocktails” that I just can’t commit to as a business owner with a family.

But when I do say “yes” I do so with all my heart and soul.

Okay so where is this rant going? You guessed it—right back at ya! I’m certain that you have found a few parallels somewhere in my story with your own journey. I know for a fact that my clients understand the importance of saying “no” too. It just comes down to cost versus benefit.

Please don’t think I want you to plan your days as if you are banking every hour. (However, if you decide to start a business and want it to be sustainable, you better adopt this mindset.) Instead, live your life fully in what gives you pleasure, happiness, productivity, security, serenity and peace.

And please learn to say “no” with grace.

How to Be Career Happy? Say No With Grace 

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