Snap Out Of It!

If you’ve ever seen the movie Moonstruck, then you know the impact of the exchange between actors Cher and Nicolas Cage.

Just like Cage’s character, we can easily get drawn down by the world of problems revolving around us, especially those impacting us personally. This is life. And while we will all face our share of challenges—many times not of our making and many times devastatingly unfair—we might need someone to come along and tell us to “snap out of it.”

Well, here is your coach telling you (and myself) to “Snap out of it!”

We have goals, we have dreams, we have abilities, hope, support, opportunities, tools, skills and anything we can possibly imagine just waiting for us to apply it when we need it most. So if you feel like giving up, then this is the time to really dig deep and develop the habit of resilience.

Sure we’ll get dragged down and disappointed and even very, very frustrated when we work toward positive changes in our lives, but if we really want progress then we can’t give in to these obstacles.

So if you feel that you’re falling victim to blame, distractions, self-pity, anger or resentment, instead, “Snap out of it!”

It’s time to make your dreams a reality. And I’m here for you. Every step of the way!

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