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Do You Need an E-Resume?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or electronic application portals, are widely used to help organizations filter a slew of incoming candidates while ranking them according to a set of required skills. Unfortunately, ATS systems can make it challenging for applicants to even get past a “fire wall” of standards without an ATS-Friendly or electronic “E-Resume.” But […]

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Career Coaching on Conference Strategy

Professional development is always important when growing your career. Still, it’s important to invest your time and money in a program where you’ll learn, apply what you’ve learned and make valuable connections. Conferences hit all three of these goals. Unfortunately, many professionals liken conferences to a mini vacation and don’t take advantage of this prime […]

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Always Be Prepared For Salary Negotiation

Recently, I facilitated a book discussion on Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller Lean In. Based on the conversation, the topic of “negotiating” was a big hit. Everyone wanted more. This is also true for my clients. No matter their gender, age, or profession, when asked if they want coaching on this topic, it’s always a resounding “yes”—especially […]

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