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A Summer Job Search

Did you know that summer is a great time to look for a job? That’s right, holidays, summer time, off hours and generally anytime that you think recruiters may be gone, they actually may be looking for candidates like you. In fact, the odds are in your favor if you keep an active job search […]

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Resume or Job Search—Which Comes First?

When you’re considering a career change, your first instinct may be to create a resume. After all, you already have a job, so you know how to find one. Or do you? Are you missing out on awesome opportunities because you’re already jumping into the resume without prepping for a job search? The old adage, […]

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Looking for a New Job? Call Your Career Coach

If you’re just toying with the idea of looking for a new job then it’s the perfect time to polish your interviewing and negotiation skills. It’s also the perfect hour to get your career portfolio in order—which includes everything you’ll use to present yourself as the best candidate online, on paper and in person. Even if you […]

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