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Communication and Your Career

The success of your career, advancement, networking, interviewing, training, speaking, emails, memos, marketing, branding and career portfolio all depend on your ability to effectively communicate. For me, too! I love sharing career tips, but my delivery is not always perfect. In case you didn’t notice (“wink, wink”), I make a mistake or two and must continually […]

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Career Coaching on Conference Strategy

Professional development is always important when growing your career. Still, it’s important to invest your time and money in a program where you’ll learn, apply what you’ve learned and make valuable connections. Conferences hit all three of these goals. Unfortunately, many professionals liken conferences to a mini vacation and don’t take advantage of this prime […]

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The Magic of a Mentor for Professional Development

Developing a relationship with a mentor is a must for successful professional development. A mentor provides you with an avenue of learning scripted specifically in answer to professional development needs. Not only will your mentor offer positive guidance for your career, but they’ll provide a safe haven for objectifying concerns and challenges. They’re also great resources […]

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Communication is Key for Therapy Industry Interview Success

Interview success in the therapy field requires the demonstration of a most important industry skill – communication. Whether your expertise lies in child psychology or behavioral therapy, possessing the natural ability to communicate with clients, team members, and the community, is imperative for both career and interview success. Therapists understand that communication is the primary vehicle for […]

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3 Ways to Put Your Skills To Work For Job Satisfaction

According to the Society of Human Resources Management 2012 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey, employees are more satisfied when they have regular opportunities to utilize their skills at work. In fact, 63% of respondents put this at the top of their list for job satisfaction over compensation and pay. Project ownership, organizational contribution and […]

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